Digital Time Cards. Smart Forms. Insightful Dashboards

Data-driven digital time cards and smart forms to help you track and improve your labor and production cost

Digital Time Cards

Mobile-based digital time cards to help you lower cost, increase compliance and get deeper insights into your operations.

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Lower Your Cost

Lower your cost by means of accurate time card reporting, reduced paperwork and simplified payroll processing.

Improve Compliance

Increase your compliance by setting up your labor policies and by monitoring or enforcing their compliance.

Get Deep Insights

Get deep insights by analyzing metrics such as labor cost and policy compliance using interactive dashboards.

Smart Forms

Versatile and easy to use mobile optimized smart forms to help you get accurate reports from job sites in a timely manner.

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Accurate & Timely

Get accurate information in a timely manner from your job sites so that you do not lose a moment.

Flexible & Versatile

Collect a wide variety of information with your own custom forms and share it with the click of a button.

Easy to Use

Use voice dictation, drop in pre-created “canned” texts or auto-fill with context based data.

Insightful Dashboards

Interactive dashboards for you to analyze and get deep insights from your time cards and forms.

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Monitor key performance metrics from your time cards and forms.


Analyze your data using highly interactive dashboards.


Automatically generate reports and share them with key stakeholders.

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