A data-driven labor management app for the construction industry

Digital Time Cards

 Go paperless with digital time cards to improve compliance and record keeping.  Eliminate time consuming paperwork, streamline your payroll process, and lower your overhead cost.

Crew Management

Empower your foremen and supervisors to make better decisions in the field by providing them with real-time information.  Know at any given moment where each and every employee is working, how many hours they’ve worked that day, that week or that month and how those hours are broken down by cost code.

Manpower Planner

Plan your work and work your plan.  Forecast how you intent to staff your upcoming projects while also experimenting with how you would staff new projects that you’re currently pursuing.  Optimize your field teams by aligning your projects’ needs with your crews’ individual skill sets.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Bring data to life to see your business from a new perspective and make better informed decisions.  Together key stakeholders can see trends, analyze metrics, and make objective decisions based on data-driven insights.