Go Paperless

Don’t you think it is time to go past paper & pencil forms? Say goodbye to carbon copies, illegible writings, and misplaced forms.

Adapt your Forms

Going digital does not have to mean giving up what you already have. Adapt your existing paper forms for use with Zurel app.

Go Beyond Texts

Now it is digital, why limit it to recording just texts?  Add pictures, audios, videos, signatures, GPS location or timestamp to the mix.

Use with Ease

Use the “smart” of a smartphone, not its cumbersome keyboard, to fill out forms with ease. Use voice-to-text or pick from its suggestions.

Share or Print PDF

Need to send PDF or printed copies to someone? Create, share or print a PDF version that can be customized to look like your existing paper form.

Search & Find

Looking for that old form? Easily search for and find the forms you need. All your digital forms are stored online,  no matter how old.