Digital Time Card

A digital time card designed specifically for the construction industry.

Eliminate Paperwork and Reduce Your Overhead Cost

Go green by moving to a paperless process by using our digital time card.  Accelerate your payroll process and lower your cost of overhead.  

Improve Compliance

We are committed to providing our customers with a software solution that allows them to improve compliance and reduce risk.  Avoid wasting time and money spent on costly labor law violations and instead reinvest that time and money back into your business.

Keep Comprehensive Records

Keep thorough and accurate records of your employees time card data because you never know when you (or an auditor) are going to need it.

Integrated with our Mobile Forms

 Say goodbye to pen and paper, illegible carbon copies, and misplaced T&M forms by going digital with our mobile forms.  Put an end to double entry, reduce paperwork, and avoid errors.

Integrate with Other Applications

Information flows seamlessly whether importing in employee contact info, phase codes, and cost codes or exporting out total hours worked.  Avoid time consuming and error prone keystroke entry into payroll and accounting software.  Less handoffs result in less fumbles!

Customized For You and Your Business

We understand that every business’ payroll process is unique to their business.  Our time card solution is not a one-size-fits-all, but instead will be tailored to meet your individual needs. 

Track your Performance

Analyze your labor cost using our business intelligence dashboard.  With our highly customizable business intelligence solution, slice and dice your data any way you like to get the most out of it.