Digital Time Card

Go Mobile

Allow employees to clock-in/clock-out and submit their weekly time cards using our mobile apps.
Employees may use their own mobile app or that of supervisors.

Lower your Cost

Lower your payroll processing cost by reducing paperwork and manual data entries.
Use our easy-to-use web interface for reviewing and approving time cards.

Improve Cost Accounting

Improve your cost accounting by keeping track of phase codes and cost codes.
Allow users to assign codes at the time of the work or afterward.

Increase Compliance

Ensure that employees are taking necessary breaks and reporting incidents.
Identify violations and timely enforce compliance.

Keep Better Records

Record time and location of each clock-in/clock-out event.
Generate PDF copies of time cards with signatures for record keeping and sharing.

Get Accurate & Timely Reports

Get time cards that are more accurate.
Ensure that your employees are turning in their time cards in a timely manner.

Easily Import & Export Data

Import relevant data such as payroll info, phase codes and cost codes.
Export your weekly time card data for use by your payroll or accounting software.

Act on Real-time Data

Receive real-time information from our operations dashboard. 
Make decisions and take actions that are timely.

Get Deep Insights

Analyze your performance using our business intelligence dashboard.
Get deep insights into your performance so that you can continuously improve them.

Customize for your Needs

Your payroll process is probably as unique as your business.
Customize our time card for your unique payroll process.