Crew Management

An invaluable tool for supervisors to manage their crews

Build your Crew

Build your crew based on your employees’ availability, training, job skills, and previous experience so that you have the right crew for the right job.

Know your Crew

Always have your crew within reach.  Know where they’re working, what they’re doing, and who they’re reporting to.  See how long they’re committed and when they’re available for the next assignment.

Track your Crew’s Cost

Know the cost of your crew on a weekly, daily or even an hourly basis.  Experiment with substituting different individuals in and out of the crew to identify opportunities to lower your cost.

Manage Your Crew’s Time Cards

Manage your entire crew’s time cards more efficiently.  Save time and avoid errors by processing your crew’s time cards as a group rather than individually.

Get Deep Insights

Analyze your crews’ performance using our business intelligence dashboard.  Get deep insights into their performance so that you can continuously improve upon them.  Plan, Do, Check, Act.