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Workforce Outcomes



Data-driven digital time cards, smart digital forms, and field documents to let your workforce get more done.

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Data-driven Empowerment

A business intelligence solution that lets you empower anyone in your workforce to make informed decisions.

Construction Workers
Workforce Management

Manage your crew better. Optimize crew utilization. Forecast resource needs and commitments. 

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You don’t get more done by just having everyone to work harder. You do so by letting everyone work smarter. And you don’t do so with a technology that has bells and whistles you don’t need. You do so by using simple apps that easily let you do things the way you want them done.



Have you adopted some new software? You are now in the same playing field as all your competitors who have likely done the same. However, what will keep you ahead is how you harness the data you now have available. Use it to empower every level of your organization to make more informed decisions than your competitors do. Explore it to discover challenges and opportunities before they do.



Plan and manage your workforce better. Forecast your workforce needs and manage your crew better to get the best outcome for you and your workforce. 


We spent quite a few hours investigating programs that would allow the flexibility and ability to configure to our individual needs. It has been a tremendous time-saver and has provided great analytical data which has allowed us to better understand our labor inefficiencies.

Daryl Carl, COO, Providence Venture, Inc.