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ZurelSoft Webinar

California AB-685 & Contact Tracing for COVID-19

Thursday, Dec 10, 2020

When AB-685 takes effect on Jan 1st, 2021, contact tracing for COVID-19 becomes a legal imperative in California. Businesses, including contractors, will be required to identify employees and visitors that may have been exposed to COVID-19 at their sites and notify them promptly in case of potential exposure. The new law creates additional challenges for contractors. 


Join us to learn about contact tracing requirements of AB-685 and at the workplace and discover how contractors may overcome the new challenges. We will discuss: 

  • An overview of AB-685, especially as it relates to contact tracing.

  • ZurelSoft's Visitor Log solution for recording and tracing site visitors.

  • 3rd party messaging services for en masse notifications. 

  • Words from some of our customers on real-world challenges and practical advice.

Date & Time

Thursday, Dec 10, 2020

11:00 AM – 12:00PM

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