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Due to the safety concerns of COVID-19 and the restrictions on mass gatherings, we have suspended all our in-person events. We look forward to hosting our events when the condition is right. Until then, please join us at one of our webinars.  

Past Events
March 2020 ZurelSoft Event.png

Harnessing Data for Construction Operations

Does managing construction operations feel like being in a Podrace in Star Wars? You have to make sure that everything works in unison, navigate through the rough terrain, anticipate the next curve, and deal with unexpected that gets thrown your way. And, in the end, you want to come out ahead of everyone else in the race! How can you harness your data to make sure you do so?


MAR 26


Feb 2020 Event.png

Business Intelligence for Construction Finance

If you are in construction finance, you likely deal with more data than anyone in your organization. Are you making strategic decisions, tactical moves, or planning your roadmap? Data can be one of the most valuable assets you have. Make sure you arm yourself with a powerful tool that leverages this asset.


FEB 18


Business Intelligence in Construction.jp

Business Intelligence in Construction for

Field Decision Support

If you are in a construction business, you likely rely on a countless number of decisions made by your foremen or superintendents. How well-informed are those decisions? What impact do they have on your business?


OCT 29