Safety Inspections Features you're Going to Love

Popular Features

Inspection Analytics

Perform deep analysis of your inspection data using an industry-leading analytics platform integrated with our solution. Blend your inspection data with other safety data. Create reports that meet your specific needs.

Work with Subs

Work closely with your subs on safety. Easily share relevant inspection reports with your subs. Let them access your current and past reports on their portal. Use vendor dashboard to monitor performance and access past safety records of each sub.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor your inspection and audit activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of weekly or all historical inspections. Search for reports using various attributes. Export PDF copies of signed inspection reports.

Mobile App

Perform jobsite safety inspection using the Zurel app. Take pictures, write notes, and collect signatures. Switch between the expert mode and the novice mode. Use the mobile dashboard to access and review past reports while on the go.

Performance Metrics

Use the point method to track and compare performance. Assign points to each inspection item. Create your own richer performance metrics using our analytics dashboard.

Highly Customizable

Create your custom master inspection list. Tailor it for each job and adopt it as the job moves through different stages. Customize selectable outcomes for inspection items, alert conditions, and scoring methods.

Popular Features

Trade Partner Dashboard

Use the trade partner dashboard to monitor safety records of all the trade partners that were once designated as being responsible for inspection outcomes.

Mobile Dashboard

Data Blending

Item Categories

Group inspection items into categories. Doing so makes it easier for your inspectors to do inspections and for your to track performance by category.

Send Link for Signature

Enable 3-rd party signature on your safety inspection.

Customize of Job

Custom Data Fields

An important part of safety inspections is recording the right data from your jobsites. With Zurel, you can collect as many different types of data as you want and make them part of your metrics, reports, or analysis.


Custom PDF Content

Custom Alert Conditions

Custom Inspection Outcome

QR Code for Signature

Use the report's QR code to let your additional signatory sign the report using their own smartphones.