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Safety Toolbox Talks Features you're Going to Love

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Safety Training Analytics

Perform deep analysis of your toolbox tax data using Zurel’s highly customizable analytics solution. Then, blend with your other safety data to get even deeper insights. Finally, make the insights available to the stakeholders up and down your organization.

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your toolbox talk activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of toolbox talk activities at each job site. Find the toolbox talk participation records of employees or guests. Export PDF copies of their signed toolbox talk documents.

Safety First

Make safety the first step of your crew’s workday. Automatically ask your crew to review toolbox talk topics on their own when they sign in at a job site or clock in for the day. Know who missed or skipped and follow up by sending them the toolbox link.

App for Safety Meetings

Have someone in your team host a safety toolbox talk for a group of participants. The host may use our app to review the talk material with the participants and gather their signatures. Better yet, the participants may review and sign the topics on their smartphones.

Custom Topic Content

Create your own custom toolbox topics. Use combinations of plain texts, PDFs, images, or videos to make them more effective. Create separate content in English and Spanish. Users have a choice to view the content in the language of their preference.

Toolbox Talks Planner

Plan your toolbox talk topics months ahead using our scheduler. Topics automatically appear on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule. If you need, create a separate schedule for each job. Of course, you can always hold your toolbox talks on an ad hoc basis.

Other Indispensable Features

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