Safety Toolbox

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Reusable QR Codes

When you are hosting safety toolbox meetings on a recurring basis, you want to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Use reusable QR codes for your safety toolbox meetings. Use the same QR code for every one of your safety meetings. It helps to make it easier for you to host and intuitive for your attendees to join the meetings.

Reusable QR codes are handy tools when you are hosting safety meetings regularly. With them, you can use the same QR code repeatedly for your recurring meetings. They make it easier for you to host meetings and for your attendees to join the meetings.

And it could not any easier for your to start using them. On Zurel, create as many re-usable QR codes as you need, perhaps one for each one of your meeting locations. You may create one for each trailer at your job site or each meeting room at your office. Give each of them a name to make it easy to recognize them. Each also gets a sort and unique ID that is easy to remember.

Print the QR codes. Make multiple copies of each so that you have several copies for each location. Laminate them if they are going to be used again and again. Make them readily available wherever they are meant to be used. If it is a meeting room or your job site trailer, post their re-usable QR codes on their walls or place them on the meeting tables. This way, your meeting attendees always know where to sign in. If your meeting is out in the open, grab a QR code and its copies and hand them to your attendees.

Each time you start a new toolbox talk meeting, link the QR code with your meeting. It just takes a few taps on your Zurel app. Once linked, your attendees can scan the QR code to access their personalized meeting portal to your meeting page. When you are done with your toolbox meeting, the QR code is automatically unlinked and becomes available for your next meeting.

Reusable QR codes make hosting your toolbox meetings so easy there is no excuse for not using them. So, start using them today.