Safety Toolbox

Product Feature

Upload & Share Meeting Documents in Real-time

You have always been able to attach documents to your toolbox topics when you set them up. What if you want to upload documents during your safety meeting and share them with your attendees?

You can upload PDF documents or photos to your toolbox meeting portal even during your meeting. Once uploaded, you may share them with the attendees on their personal toolbox meeting portals.

Normally, when you set up a toolbox talk topic on Zurel, you can attach meeting documents such as PDF files or even videos to be reviewed during your toolbox meetings. This works well for most safety toolbox meetings because you likely have a standard set of training material for each topic that you can attach when the topic is set up on Zurel.

However, occasionally, you may come across a need to upload a document during your safety meetings. It may be the site-specific safety orientation document that is required by your client and needs to be shared with the meeting attendees. Or it is a photo you took of a safety hazard and also want to share. Perhaps you ended up having to use a paper sign-in sheet that you want to attach. Or it may just be a group photo of the meeting attendees that you want to include as a record of their attendance.

Whatever they are, with Zurel Safety Toolbox, you can upload photos or PDF files to your meeting portal even after you have already started your toolbox meeting. Once uploaded, you can share them or keep them unshared. The shared documents become available to meeting attendees on their personal toolbox meeting portals. All uploaded documents become part of the meeting record.