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Harnessing Data for Construction Operations

Does managing construction operations feel like being in a Podrace in Star Wars? You have to make sure that everything works in unison, navigate through the rough terrain, anticipate the next curve, and deal with unexpected that gets thrown your way. And, in the end, you want to come out ahead of everyone else in the race! How can you harness your data to make sure you do so?


MAR 26


Whether managing your crew, cost, contracts, or calendar, you are likely dealing with countless things that seem to have a life of their own. How do you use data to make sure everything works together like a well-oiled machine?  How is data helping your crew with their day-to-day decision? Are you using data effectively to make strategic decisions, to find hidden challenges, and to discover opportunities? Is everyone in your team learning from today's data so that they become increasingly better at making decisions tomorrow? 

At this event, we will talk about harnessing data for construction operations. We will cover topics ranging from finding the right data, curating it, presenting it most effectively, and making it available to those who can make the most of it. We will discuss the crucial attributes of dashboards that make them indispensable tools for operations. While at it, we may have some fun doing experiments to illustrate the effectiveness of visual learning from data. 

We will have a roundtable discussion with the business leaders in the industry about how they use data to their advantage, the challenges they face in using data, and how they overcome those challenges.

Date and Time

Thursday, Mar 26, 2020

7:30 AM – 9:00 AM


General Coatings Corporation

6711 Nancy Ridge Dr. 

San Diego, CA 92121