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Connect on Zurel

Link up with your trade partners on Zurel. Collaborate easily with them on everything from safety inspections to safety toolbox training.

If you and your trade partner are both on Zurel, link up with them on Zurel. Connecting on Zurel makes it easy for both you and your trade partners to collaborate on safety.

Once linked, you can easily send corrective action reports from your safety inspections straight to the trade partner’s Zurel app. Trade partner works on the corrective action report using their Zurel app and sends the reply right back to your Zurel app. Both you and the trade partners can access and manage corrective action reports from the Zurel app.

Linking also makes it easy for the team leaders of your trade partner to sign in their crew members when they visit your jobsites. Once enabled, the team leaders can sign in their crew members right from their Zurel app. You can also have them review your safety toolbox topics if they haven't already done so. This makes it easier for you to administer the sign-in process while letting your trade partners manage their crew members better.

The best part is, your trade partner gets this capability for FREE.

Linking in is easy to do and so is unlinking. If you decide you don’t want to stay connected, you can simply remove the connection with just a few clicks.

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