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Safety Inspections
Product Feature

Inbound Correction Requests

?? Receive and manage safety correction requests sent by other organizations you are connected with on Zurel. Make your safety collaboration with those trade partners seamless.

If you are working with another construction firm, perhaps a general contractor, you likely receive corrective action requests from them following their safety inspection. There is a good chance you receive those requests as PDF documents via email and reply back to them likewise. For the senders that are on Zurel, you likely receive them as links to online digital forms you can open and reply to using your smartphone. Using Zurel’s online digital forms makes working on corrective action much easier. However, it gets even better if you are also on Zurel.

By connecting with your trade partners on Zurel, you can receive those correction requests straight to your Zurel app. On Zurel, you can access all the correction requests and send your replies. With Zurel you can monitor and manage all correction requests and your replies from intuitive dashboards that are available both on Zurel mobile apps and desktop browsers.

All you need to do to use this feature is to be on Zurel and connect on Zurel with your trade partners. The best part is, this feature is available for FREE to all our customers.

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