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Inspection Scores for Measuring Performance

Use the points and score method to track and compare performance. Monitor performance of inspection items, jobsites, inspectors, or trade partners. Create your own richer performance metrics using our analytics dashboard.

Measure Inspection Performance Using Inspection Scores.

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Set baseline inspection points for every item in your master inspection list.

When creating your master inspection list, assign default inspection points for items based on their importance. Then, adjust the default points for each job. If ladder safety is particularly important for one job, increase its point value. As jobs progress through different phases, adjust the points to keep overall scores accurate.

Assign inspection points and monitor overall scores.

After an inspection is completed, you can assign points to each inspection item based on the outcome or quality of the inspection. If you do not assign a point to a particular item, it will automatically be assigned its default point value. Based on the points accumulated from inspection items, each inspection category or inspection report will get an overall score. Review historic scores for jobs, inspectors, or trade partners.

Showcase Template.png
Showcase Template.png
Use safety analytics to create your own performance metrics, scorecards, and reports.

Use analytics dashboards to create your own custom performance metrics that combine scores and other attributes. Blend safety scores and other inspection or safety data at your disposal to better understand and improve jobsite safety. Create scorecards and reports based on inspection points.

Popular Features in Safety Inspections

Corrective Actions

Create corrective action requests from within your inspection reports. Share and collaborate with your trade partners on corrective actions. Monitor and manage the corrective actions on a dashboard.

Mobile App

Send, receive, and manage corrective action requests with your phone or tablet. Use the mobile dashboard to keep track of all inspection activities you are overseeing and easily search for past reports.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor all of your inspection activities on your dashboard and zero in on specific reports for more detail. Send and review corrective actions for each inspection report. Store all past reports to review at any time.

Why Zurel?

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