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Crew Management Mobile Dashboard

Monitor and manage your crew’s sign-in activities, whether at your own job sites or that of your clients.

The Mobile Dashboard is designed to make it easy for you to monitor your crew’s sign-in activities at job sites. Whether it is your sign-in process or that of your client, if Zurel Site Visits Log is being used for the sign-in process at a job site, use the dashboards to monitor sign-in activities and access past records.

With the dashboards, you can monitor and review all of your crew’s sign-in records. Get the big picture with the summary of the number of crew members, job sites, and hosts. Dig a bit more detail with the list of jobs sites and the number of crew at each site. Just use the filters provided to find the records, for any time period, any job sits, or any client.

Dig even deeper by opening the Crew Log for each job site. The Crew Log gives you the full detail of the crew’s sign-in records at each job site. Know who signed in, what time they signed in, or their sign-in outcomes. Get this list not only for today’s sign-in but for the past. And, if you need to share this log with others, export the log as PDF or CSV file.

Perhaps the most valuable tool the dashboard provides is the Foreman’s Kiosk. If enabled by the site’s host, the kiosk gives your team leads multiple methods to sign in their crew members at the job site, making the process fast, efficient, and well-controlled.

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