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Visitors Safety
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Foreman's Kiosk

Let your crew leads manage their crew at your or your client’s job sites. Make signing in easy for your crew and for your clients.

If your client is using Zurel’s Site Visits Log at their job site, there is a simpler and easier way for your crew members to sign in at those job sites. All you need to do is connect with your client on Zurel and let your foremen use the Zurel Pro app.

From the Zurel Pro app, your foremen may have their crew members use their smartphones to sign in by scanning the site QR code displayed on the foremens' app. For those whose smartphones cannot scan the QR code, the foremen may send them the site’s links to sign in. And for those who do not even want to use their smartphones to sign in, just have them sign in manually using their foremens' smartphones. If the crew members are not already registered at the host’s site to sign in, the foreman can sign them in right from the kiosk.

And, if these are your own sites using Zurel Site Visits Log, it gets even easier. All you need to do is enable your foremen as crew leads.

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