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Toolbox Talks
Toolbox Talks

Safety Training Software

All the tools you need to run an effective safety training program — all in one place.

What can I do with it?

Plan your training

Train your crew

Keep and find training records

and these are just a few things.

Why Zurel's toolbox talks software?

Running a safety training program can be challenging. Doing so effectively can be even more so. For many, it often means scattered training materials, missed training, and intractable records – all without clear visibility into the program’s effectiveness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Toolbox Talks, all your training materials, schedules, and records are available to you in an easy-to-use, powerful app. You and your team can plan, execute, monitor, and evaluate your safety training programs seamlessly – all from the app.

For everything you need to do

Build a Rich Library

Build your own rich digital library of toolbox training material using our easy-to-use toolbox topic editor

Create training materials using new or existing content.

Include rich texts, PDFs, photos, videos, or web pages

Add multiple-choice questions for topic quizzes

Building a collection of effective training materials can be challenging. Zurel helps you make it less so.

Make Training Effective

Make your Toolbox Talks more effective by using innovative methods of training

Incorporate visual methods such as photos and videos in your Toolbox Talks

Use quizzes with instant feedback for improved learning

Make training materials accessible even after training for continued learning

Tradition methods of Toolbox Talks leave a lot to be desired. Elevate your safety training’s effectiveness by incorporating innovative methods.

Manage & Monitor Well

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your Toolbox activities, past or present.

Find out what topics were planned and which were covered

Identify who was trained and who wasn't

Follow up with those who didn't receive training

Use the management and monitoring tools designed to help you deliver on your commitment to your crew's safety.

Plan Toolbox Talks

Plan and schedule your Toolbox Talks months in advance. Reduce uncertainties and risks from your training program.

Create a safety training plan for your entire organization

Tailor the plan for the divisions or jobs with unique needs

Help your trainers identify and focus on scheduled topics

Running a safety training program without a plan can lead to confusion, inefficiencies, and training gaps. Zurel is here to help.

Train Seamlessly

Simplify your training with user-friendly mobile apps teeming with features that make your Toolbox Talks seamless.

Easy-to-use mobile app for your trainers

QR codes for your trainees to join and engage

Digital sign-in for attendance recordkeeping

Conducting safety training can be challenging for your crew. We strive to make it seamless.

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your safety training and effortlessly locate and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing purposes.

Keep detailed records of all your Toolbox Talks

Easily search for and find those records

Export and share records of each Toolbox as a PDF file

Keeping and finding good records of every safety training is no less important than the training itself. Zurel makes it extremely easy for you to do so.

For everyone involved

Why Zurel?

Safety-focused mission

Science-based innovations

Data-driven insights

Easy-to-use design

Integrated solutions

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