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Toolbox Talks

All the features you are going to love

Meeting's Document Portal

With this feature, you can ...

Include your training material your shared during your meeting.

Automatically email the portal's links to your attendees.

Share the link witch anyone you want to share with.

And you practically don't have to do anything to use this feature.

Topic Text Editor

Quiz Editor

Add quizzes as part of your Toolbox Topics

Include as many questions and answer choices as you want

Quiz your crew in either English or Spanish

Zurel Quizzes take the guesswork out of making sure your crew is adequately trained to be safe on the job.

Performance Dashboard

Quantify and evaluate the effectiveness of your training across topics, trainers, or trainee’s organization

Know how your crew members are performing on each topic at any given time

Monitor historic trends in performance

Don’t just train your crew – learn what they need for you to train them better. Zurel’s Performance Dashboard puts it all at your fingertips.

Training Materials

Upload PDF copies of your existing Toolbox Talk materials

Include photos or illustrations to make your topics more effective

Link to Toolbox Topics on the web

Take control of your training by making use of what you already have available or enrich your materials with third-party resources.

Toolbox Topics Videos

With Toolbox Topics videos, you can ...

Elevate your knowledge database with dynamic video content.

Leverage our cutting-edge video service to effortlessly upload your own videos.

Seamlessly link to high-quality videos available on the Internet.

Lacking training videos? Reach out to us today, and our expert team will guide you in creating tailor-made video content.

Bilingual Toolbox Talks

For each topic, create content in both languages.

Create bilingual Toolbox Topics quizzes

Let your trainee choose the language of their preference

Be sure language barriers don’t get in the way of keeping your crews safer.

Training Records in PDF

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