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Ad-hoc Toolbox Training

Not all toolbox topics can be planned and put on a schedule. And there will be times when training as planned could not be done and need to be done again.

Regardless of the reason, make unplanned safety training part of your plan. For topics that cannot be planned for, make them always available. For scheduled training that got missed, send Ad-hoc Training to your trainers.

With the Zurel’s Master Toolbox Calendar or Job’s Toolbox Calendars, you can make your toolbox talk planning a breeze. Once scheduled on the calendar, your toolbox topics, along with their attached documents, appear automatically on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule window. No missed topics. No hassle of sending the topic material to your team out in the field.

However, a plan is as good as its execution. A team member may miss hosting a toolbox meeting as planned. Or a few crew members may have missed attending a toolbox talk. You need your team members to be able to host or attend toolbox talk meetings when they miss their schedules.

And there are safety meetings that can not be planned for. For instance, you want your team members to be able to host safety orientation meetings for new crew members without having to plan for them.

On Zurel, if a team member misses hosting a toolbox meeting as planned last week, send him an ad-hoc meeting for the topic this week. If a few crew members missed attending a toolbox meeting today, send their team lead an ad-hoc meeting on the topic tomorrow. If it is a topic that can be reviewed without a host, send the crew members links to review the topic.

For topics that cannot be planned on a calendar, set them up so that they are always available to team members. If it is a job-specific topic, make the topic always available to your team members who are on the job.

On Zurel, with just a few clicks, unplanned meetings can be part of your plan.

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