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Attendee's Portal

Have your attendees access the toolbox talk meeting page on their own smartphones. On the page, they can view the safety training material, enter or verify their names and, if required, sign the document.

Since almost everyone has a smartphone, doesn’t it make sense for your meeting attendees to participate in your toolbox meetings using their smartphones? It makes it easier for them to review your meeting document. It makes even more sense if your meeting consists of a video. And, it’s a no-brainer if you want them to sign the attendee list.

Send your attendee the link to your meeting page using one of the several methods available to you. Have them scan your meeting QR code. If they are your employees, the meeting link is automatically sent to them when you add them to your attendee list. They will be able to review the entire content on their smartphones.

When it comes to signing the attendee list, just have each of them sign on the signature panel of the meeting page. Based on your meetings settings, their meeting page may be pre-populated with information such as their names and organizations. Once they sign and submit their signature, the attendance record will be part of your meeting document.

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