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Job-specific Toolbox Plan

Your jobs are typically on different schedules and may have different toolbox needs at different times. Some jobs may have unique topics altogether.

For topics that are common across all jobs, use the Master Toolbox Calendar to plan for them. For topics that are unique for each job because of its schedule or its unique need, use the Job's Toolbox Calendar. Make adjustments based on the job's changing schedule or unique needs

With the Master Toolbox Calendar, you can make your toolbox talk planning a breeze. Once scheduled on the calendar, your toolbox topics, along with their attached documents, appear automatically on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule window. No missed topics. No hassle of sending the topic material to your team out in the field.

However, your safety training program may not be as simple as that. Some of your jobs may have their own unique safety toolbox needs. Some may be so due to the job site's location. Others may be due to their evolving needs as the jobs evolve. How do you manage toolbox meetings for those jobs?

On Zurel, you do it by using the Job’s Toolbox Calendar for those jobs. One job may have Ladder Safety scheduled for this week and Safe Lifting for the next. Another job may have Drill Safety this week and Aerial Safety next. There is no limit on how many jobs can have their own job schedule.

What makes Job’s Toolbox Calendar very handy is you don’t have to use them for each and every job. Nor do you have to use them for every topic. Use them only for jobs that have unique needs and only for topics that are job specific. For topics and schedules that are uniform across all your jobs, you can continue to use the Master Toolbox Calendar.

A Job’s Toolbox Calendar behaves exactly like the Master Toolbox Calendar in every way. On each, you can schedule as many topics as you want and as many times as you want. Each can have its own schedule window to match the job’s unique needs.

Use the Topics & Schedules dashboard to visualize your toolbox talk plan for any job. You will see all the topics that are scheduled for the job by the virtue of them being on the Job’s Toolbox Calendar or the Master Toolbox Calendar. The dates are color-coded to help you identify the topics with windows that are currently open and those that are about to close. Use the topics filter to find out when each topic is scheduled for a job. Easily identify the topics that are not on a future schedule so that you can put them on a calendar.

Go forward on your calendar to find out what topics are scheduled for the next months or quarters. Just as easily, go backward to find out the topics that were scheduled during the past months or quarters.

Of course, no schedule is set in stone. They are as flexible as your safety training program. Changing a toolbox talk’s schedule on a Job’s Toolbox Calendar is as easy as creating it in the first place.

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