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Toolbox Talks Master Plans

With dozens and dozens of safety topics that need to be covered, how do you make sure everyone receives the right safety training on time?

By scheduling your toolbox meetings weeks or months in advance using our easy-to-use Master Toolbox Calendar. Schedule one topic for a week and another for the next week. The topics and their topic material appear automatically on your team's mobile apps on the days of their schedule. No hassle. No confusion.

With Zurel’s Master Toolbox Calendar, you can make your toolbox talk planning a breeze. Schedule your toolbox talk using our easy-to-use calendar. Topics, along with their attached documents, appear automatically on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule window. No missed topics. No hassle of sending the topic material to your team out in the field.

Schedule your toolbox meetings months in advance. Schedule them to match your safety training frequency. Ladder Angles this week, Safe Lifting next week, and Drill Safety the week after next. There is no limit on how far ahead you can plan.

Plan your toolbox meeting on a recurring basis based on the topics. Schedule Ladder Safety every month months, Extension Cord Safety every quarter, and General Safety Review once a year. For seasonal topics such as Heat Safety, place them on the calendar to coincide with and persist during the season. There is no limit on how many times the same topic may reappear on the calendar.

Set your schedule window to match your training program’s unique needs. If you want to give your team one week window for each toolbox training, schedule them for one week. For those topics that need to persist longer, schedule them for longer durations.

Use the Topics & Schedules dashboard to visualize your toolbox talk plan. View the list of all available topics and their next schedule window dates. The dates are color-coded to help you identify the topics with windows that are currently open and those that are about to close. Use the topics filter to find out when each topic is scheduled. Easily identify the topics that are not on a future schedule so that you can put them on a calendar.

Go forward on your calendar to find out what topics are scheduled for the next months or quarters. Just as easily, go backward on the calendar to find out topics that were scheduled during the past months or quarters.

Of course, no schedule is set in stone. They are as flexible as your safety training program. Changing a toolbox meeting’s schedule is as easy as creating it in the first place.

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