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Toolbox Talks
Product Feature

Toolbox Talks Planner

Plan your toolbox talk meetings weeks and months in advance using our easy-to-use calendar. Topics on the calendar automatically appear on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule.

Managing your safety training is not easy. With dozens of safety topics that need to be covered, making sure that everyone receives the right safety training in a timely manner can be a daunting task.

With the Zurel toolbox planner, you can make your toolbox talk planing a breeze. Schedule your toolbox talk using our easy-to-use calendar. Schedule topics months in advance. For your different jobs at different stages, create a separate toolbox talk schedule for each job. For seasonal topics, such as heat safety, put them on the shared calendar.

Sometimes, you want to have a toolbox talk even though it is not on a schedule. No problem. Host an ad-hoc toolbox talk on any topic. For topics that always need to be available, such as safety orientation, mark them such so that topics and their documents are always available to your team members.

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