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Most people are visual learners and learn better using visual methods. For those of us in the construction industry, it is likely more so.

Get the most from your safety toolbox training by using videos. Upload training videos to your toolbox topics. Link to the videos you already have on the Internet. Don’t have a training video? Contact us and we will help you create them.

There is a reason why it said that a picture speaks a thousand words and a video does even more. We are all visual learners. According to scientists, 65% of us learn better using visual methods compared to only 5% who learn better using textual methods. I am sure, among those of us in the construction industry, even a larger proportion of us are visual learners. If that’s the case, shouldn’t we be using videos for our safety training?

Whether it is a short 30-second video that refreshes a safety procedure, or 15 minutes of safety orientation, with Zurel, you can video for your toolbox talks. All you need is your video. If you do not have your own safety training videos, reach out to us about creating your own custom safety videos.

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