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Toolbox Talks

Build a Rich Library

Build your own rich digital library of toolbox training material using our easy-to-use toolbox topic editor

Create training materials using new or existing content.

Include rich texts, PDFs, photos, videos, or web pages

Add multiple-choice questions for topic quizzes

Building a collection of effective training materials can be challenging. Zurel helps you make it less so.

To run an effective safety program, one often faces the challenges such as limited availability of relevant materials, adapting to unique job requirements, ensuring up-to-date content, maintaining consistency, and meeting organizational needs.

Building your own Toolbox Talks library allows tailoring of materials to address industry-specific hazards, maintain current content, ensure consistent delivery, and align with organizational goals. This customization enhances the effectiveness and relevance of the safety training program, promoting a safer work environment.

The popular features of Zurel’s Toolbox Talks Library

Digital Training Materials

Build your Toolbox Talks training material with your existing documents or external web pages.

Upload PDF copies of your existing Toolbox Talk materials

Include photos or illustrations to make your topics more effective

Link to Toolbox Topics available on the web

Take control of your training by making use of what you already have available or enrich your materials with third-party resources.

Bilingual Toolbox Talks

Offer Toolbox Talks topic materials in Spanish in addition to in English.

For each topic, create training materials in English and Spanish

Create Toolbox Topics quizzes in the two languages

Let your trainee choose the language of their preference

Be sure language barriers don’t get in the way of keeping your crews safer.

Toolbox Topics Videos

Discover the power of visual learning! Maximize the effectiveness of your safety training with captivating videos.

Elevate your knowledge database with dynamic video

Leverage our cutting-edge video service to effortlessly upload your own videos

Link to high-quality videos available on the Internet

Lacking training videos? Reach out to us today, and our expert team will guide you in creating tailor-made video content.

Quiz Editor

Include quizzes to go with your training materials. Update them as you update the materials.

Include questions and answer choices for your quizzes

If needed, create them both in English and Spanish

Enable to disable quizzes based on your needs

Use quizzes to take the guesswork out of making sure your crew is adequately trained to be safe on the job.

Explore how Zurel helps you overcome the other challenges of running an effective safety training program

Plan Toolbox Talks

Plan and schedule your Toolbox Talks months in advance. Reduce uncertainties and risks from your training program.

Train Seamlessly

Simplify your training with user-friendly mobile apps teeming with features that make your Toolbox Talks seamless.

Keep & Retrieve Records

Maintain comprehensive records of your safety training and effortlessly locate and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing purposes.

Make Training Effective

Make your Toolbox Talks more effective by using innovative methods of training

Manage & Monitor Well

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your Toolbox activities, past or present.

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