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Toolbox Talks

Build Topics Library

Create a rich repository of toolbox topics using our, yours, or 3rd party content.

Add toolbox topics to your repository using our easy-to-user topics editor. Attach PDFs, images, videos, or web links to make your safety training more effective. If you want, add a topic questionnaire for assessments. For your Spanish speakers, create content and questionnaire in Spanish.

Configure each topic based on how you want to use it.

The features that making building toolbox repository easy:

What else can you do?

All other Toolbox Talks features you are going to love.

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Master Toolbox Calendar

Plan your toolbox meetings weeks or months in advance. Topics and their attached documents appear automatically on your team's mobile apps on the days of their schedule window.

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Trainer's Mobile Dashboard

Find all the toolbox topics that are scheduled or available to you now. From here, start a new training, re-open an ongoing one, or view the records of all the past training. All while on the go.

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Uploading & Sharing

Upload PDF files or photos to your toolbox meeting portal. They become available on your Trainer's Portal. Share them with your attendees to make them available on their Attendee's Portals.

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Attendee's Portal

Have your meeting attendees use their Attendee's Portals to review the topic's content and the meeting documents. Once done, have them sign on its signature panel and submit it for your record.

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Job's Toolbox Calendar

Some jobs may be at different stages and have different toolbox needs at different times. Others may have unique topics altogether. For those, plan your toolbox meetings using their own calendar.

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Trainer's Portal

Access all the toolbox topic material for your training. Upload and share new documents. Launch the Meeting QR Code or send the Meeting Link for your attendees to access their Attendee's Portals.

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Meeting QR Codes

Let your toolbox meeting attendees access their Attendee's Portals by scanning the meeting QR code on your Trainer's Portal. If you prefer, print the QR code right from your app and have them scan it.

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List of Attendees

See the names, the organizations, and the signatures of your attendees. Search and filter based on their organization or names. Manually sign in those who could not do so using smartphones.

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Ad-hoc Training

Make unplanned safety training part of your plan. For topics that cannot be planned for, make them always available. For scheduled training that got missed, send Ad-hoc Training to your trainers.

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Toolbox Topic Content

Open and review the topic content on your smartphone. Read textual content, open PDF files, or watch videos that are part of the toolbox topic. Switch between English and Spanish content.

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Reusable QR Codes

If you conduct your toolbox meetings regularly, don't print the meeting QR codes each time you have a meeting. Use reusable QR codes. They make signing in easier for you and your attendees.

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List of Absentees

Identify the employees or the guests who may have missed a safety toolbox training. Identify their supervisor or crew lead and their latest jobs or job sites.

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