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Toolbox Talks

Plan Ahead

Plan and schedule your toolbox talks months in advance. Topics automatically appear on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule.

For jobs with their unique topics or on their own schedule, use their unique toolbox calendar.

Of course, not everything can be or needs to be planned. You can hold a toolbox meeting at any time you want.

Plan Meetings

What else can you do?

All other Toolbox Talks features you are going to love.

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Topic Attachments

Upload and attach training documents such as PDF files or photos to your topics. Attachments become available on the trainers' and trainees' portals and are included in the PDF records.

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Quiz Editor

Enable your toolbox topic for quizzes by adding a set of multiple-choice questions and their answers. Add different types of questions and answers. Include as many of them as you want.

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Trainer's Mobile Dashboard

Find all the toolbox topics that are scheduled or available to you now. From here, start a new training, re-open an ongoing one, or view the records of all the past training. All while on the go.

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Uploading & Sharing

Upload PDF files or photos to your toolbox meeting portal. They become available on your Trainer's Portal. Share them with your attendees to make them available on their Attendee's Portals.

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Topic Text Editor

Add or edit your topic content using our built-in easy-to-use text editor. Copy and paste content from another source to the editor. Format content to make it more effective.

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Content in Spanish

Create your toolbox topics training material in Spanish in addition to in English. Have your toolbox trainers or trainees select the language of their preference for their training.

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Trainer's Portal

Access all the toolbox topic material for your training. Upload and share new documents. Launch the Meeting QR Code or send the Meeting Link for your attendees to access their Attendee's Portals.

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Meeting QR Codes

Let your toolbox meeting attendees access their Attendee's Portals by scanning the meeting QR code on your Trainer's Portal. If you prefer, print the QR code right from your app and have them scan it.

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Most people are visual learners and learn better using visual methods. For those of us in the construction industry, it is likely more so. Get the most from your safety toolbox training by using videos

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Topic Configuration

Not all topics are likely to be used the same way. Customize those topics for their unique use cases. For all other topics, leave them with the default settings.

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Toolbox Topic Content

Open and review the topic content on your smartphone. Read textual content, open PDF files, or watch videos that are part of the toolbox topic. Switch between English and Spanish content.

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Reusable QR Codes

If you conduct your toolbox meetings regularly, don't print the meeting QR codes each time you have a meeting. Use reusable QR codes. They make signing in easier for you and your attendees.

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