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Toolbox Talks

Train Your Crew Better

Make your training more efficient and effective for your trainees

Combine guided training with solo training

Use quizzes with instant feedback for improved learning

Give access to training material during and after the training

Provide toolbox training to your crew using any one of the several methods at your disposal.

Conduct your safety toolbox meeting using the Trainer’s Portal on the Zurel app. Access everything you need on the portal. Your trainees may participate using the Trainee's Portal on their smartphones.

For topics that can be reviewed individually, send topic links to your crew members to review using their smartphones. Or, have Zurel prompt them to do so when they sign in at a job site or clock in for the day.

Train Your Crew

Trainer's Mobile Dashboard

Use the Trainer's Mobile Dashboards to manage and monitor all your safety toolbox training while you are on the go.

On it, find all the toolbox topics that are scheduled or available to you now. From here, start a new training, re-open an ongoing one, or view the records of all the past training. When you have requests for Ad-hoc training, they show up here.

Toolbox Topic Content

On Zurel, all the toolbox topic content that was added when the topic was created is readily available on your Trainer's Portal.

Open and review the topic content on your smartphone. Read textual content, open PDF files, or watch videos that are part of the toolbox topic. Switch between English and Spanish content with a click of a button.

Meeting QR Codes

Let your toolbox training attendees access their Attendee's Portals by scanning the meeting QR code. It is as easy for large groups as it is for small ones.

For a small group, have them scan the QR code displayed on your Zurel app. If you prefer, print the QR code right from your app and have them scan it. For a larger group, print several copies and hand them out.

Trainer's Toolbox Meeting Room

Just the logistics of conducting your Toolbox Talks meetings can be quite challenging, especially when you train a large crew at a jobsite. Are your training materials readily available to you? How do you make sure every present has signed in? Is it often a hassle to keep a good record of your meeting?

Zurel’s Trainer's Toolbox Portal makes conducting toolbox training easy. It is designed to do everything digital you need to do, all from one place on the app so that you can focus on the training and not its logistics.

Uploading & Sharing

Upload PDF files or photos to your toolbox meeting portal during your meeting. Share them with your meeting attendees.

The documents become available on your Trainer's Portal. If shared, your toolbox meeting attendees are able to view the documents on their Attendee's Portals. The documents become part of your meeting records in PDF.

Reusable QR Codes

If you do your toolbox meetings regularly, don't print the meeting QR codes each time. Use reusable QR codes. It is easier for you and your attendees.

Set up a few reusable QR codes on Zurel. Make several copies of each. If you want, you may even laminate them. During each toolbox meeting, link your meeting with a reusable QR code. Have your attendees scan the QR code to sign in.

What else can you do?

Train Seamlesly

Simplify your training with user-friendly mobile apps teeming with features that make your Toolbox Talks seamless.

Plan Toolbox Talks

Plan and schedule your Toolbox Talks months in advance. Reduce uncertainties and risks from your training program.

Evaluate Performance

Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety training program so that you can take steps to improve it

Build Toolbox Library

Build your own rich digital library of toolbox training material using our easy-to-use toolbox topic editor

Manage and Monitor Toolbox Talks

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your Toolbox activities, past or present.

Find & Share Records

Keep records of all your safety training. Easily find and export records as PDFs for hardcopies or for sharing.

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