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Toolbox Talks as the First Step

Make safety the first step of your crew’s workday. Automatically ask your crew to review toolbox talk topics on their own when they sign in for the day.

Make Safety First Step of Your Crews’ Workday

Start having your crew review safety as they sign at their job site.

Make Safety Training Consistent and Effortless

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Ask your crew to review your toolbox talk document when they sign in at a job site.

It may be a one-time view of your safety orientation video. Perhaps a heat safety training document you want all your crew to review before the start of a hot week.

Whatever it is, automatically ask your crew to review and sign one or more toolbox talk topics when they check-in at a job site. Customize the safety topics for each job site. Ask to review once, each time, or at some other interval of your choice. When necessary, make the review mandatory before signing in.

Have a toolbox talk document appear on your team’s Zurel app when it is time for them to review it.

For your crew using a Zurel app, have your safety document appear, with a mobile notification, when it is time to review it.

Set up the frequency of the topic, whether you want your crew to review it just once or every so often. Keep a close tab on who has completed and who has not. Follow up with those who haven’t.

Showcase Template.png
Showcase Template.png
Identify those who missed or skipped. Then, follow up by sending them your toolbox talk documents.

The automation may not get everyone to review a safety document. Some crew may skip it, and others may not complete it.

Quickly identify those using the monitoring dashboard and follow up by sending the toolbox talk link as an e-mail message or a text message. For your employees using the Zurel app, you can send it straight to the app.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Monitor Progress

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your toolbox talk activities, past or present, using one or more available dashboards. Monitor the topics, training sites, trainers, trainees, and their organizations. Easily find out if any of your crew members missed a safety training.

Build Topics

Build your own repository of custom toolbox topics. Use combinations of plain texts, PDFs, images, and videos to make them more effective. Create separate content in English and Spanish. Customize each topic based on how you want to use it.

Evaluate Peformance

Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety toolbox training program. Create a set of multiple choice questions for each topic. Have your trainees answer those questions after each training session. Evaluate performance across topics, trainers, or trainees.

All the Toolbox Talks Features you are Going to Love

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