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Analytics for Toolbox Talk Insights

Get deeper insights for your toolbox talks data. Blend with your other safety data for a deeper understanding.

Measure your Training Performance in One Place

Start making smarter, data-backed safety decisions with ZurelSoft’s integrated analytics.

All the Insights You Need to Make Smarter Safety Decisions.

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Create custom analytics dashboards and reports for your toolbox talks. See the big picture or dive deeper.

Use our analytics platform to create custom dashboards and reports to meet your different needs.

Use the dashboard to monitor trends and patterns. Measure the performance of your safety training as a whole or drill-down for deeper analysis. Set conditions for alerts and get notified when they are met. Create reports that meet your specific needs and export their PDF copies for sharing with others.

Let dashboards help you stay on top of things and reports to keep stakeholders well appraised.

Tie everything together and get deeper insights by blending all your safety data.

Your safety plan works together as a whole. So should your safety analysis.

Combine your toolbox data with your other safety data. Compare how your training relates to your safety inspections or observation data. Perform drill-down into each to perform root cause analysis. Notice trends and patterns so that you can take well-informed actions.

With ZurelSoft’s integrated analytics, you can blend all the data you have to make smarter, data-driven decisions to help you keep your workforce safe.

Showcase Template.png
Showcase Template.png
Use mobile dashboards to be in the know while you are on the go.

Keep the insights at your fingertip while you are at the job site.

Help yourself and your team member make an informed safety decision while in the field. Create a custom dashboard tailed for each of your team members.

Whether you choose to focus only on toolbox talk or blend data from other safety modules, mobile dashboards can be invaluable safety operation tools.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Monitor Progress

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your toolbox talk activities, past or present, using one or more available dashboards. Monitor the topics, training sites, trainers, trainees, and their organizations. Easily find out if any of your crew members missed a safety training.

Build Topics

Build your own repository of custom toolbox topics. Use combinations of plain texts, PDFs, images, and videos to make them more effective. Create separate content in English and Spanish. Customize each topic based on how you want to use it.

Evaluate Peformance

Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety toolbox training program. Create a set of multiple choice questions for each topic. Have your trainees answer those questions after each training session. Evaluate performance across topics, trainers, or trainees.

All the Toolbox Talks Features you are Going to Love

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