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Toolbox Talks Scheduler

Schedule your toolbox talks months in advance. Talk topics and their documents become automatically available on their scheduled days.

Simplify Toolbox Talk Scheduling Today

Start panning your toolbox talks with less hassle.

Toolbox Talk Planning Made Simple

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Eliminate the hassle of coordinating toolbox talks.

Avoid all the hassle of scheduling toolbox talks.

Schedule your toolbox talk using our easy-to-use calendar. Schedule topics months in advance.

For topics that always need to be available, mark them so that topics and their documents are always available to your team members.

Give each project more flexibility in its own schedule.

Not all projects are the same and not all projects are in the stage.

In addition a global toolbox talk schedule all the project, create a custom schedule for each project based on their unique needs or their phases.

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Showcase Template.png
Not on schedule? No problem! Host an ad-hoc meeting.

Sometimes, you want to have a toolbox talk even though it is not on a schedule.

No problem.

Not all toolbox talks need to be scheduled. If you want one of your team members to do a toolbox talk that is not on schedule, just send him or her the topic.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Monitor Progress

Ensure your safety training program is on track by monitoring all your toolbox talk activities, past or present, using one or more available dashboards. Monitor the topics, training sites, trainers, trainees, and their organizations. Easily find out if any of your crew members missed a safety training.

Build Topics

Build your own repository of custom toolbox topics. Use combinations of plain texts, PDFs, images, and videos to make them more effective. Create separate content in English and Spanish. Customize each topic based on how you want to use it.

Evaluate Peformance

Evaluate the effectiveness of your safety toolbox training program. Create a set of multiple choice questions for each topic. Have your trainees answer those questions after each training session. Evaluate performance across topics, trainers, or trainees.

All the Toolbox Talks Features you are Going to Love

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