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Visitors Safety
Product Feature

Assisted Sign-in

Have your site managers sign in the visitors who can’t use their own smartphones to sign in. Better yet, have their team lead sign them in.

Most of the time, your site visitors sign in at your job sites using their smartphones. If you have enabled authenticated sign-in at your job sites, we rely on the visitor’s smartphone and their contact information to authenticate every visitor each time they visit your job site.

Occasionally, there are situations when some of your visitors are not able to use their smartphones to sign in. Some of them just forget to bring their smartphone. Others carry smartphones that do not have data connections at the job site. And some just don't want to use their smartphone to sign in.

To help you sign in your site visitors during such situations, we have implemented three methods that lets your assist those visitors.

With the first method, the site manager sends a unique sign-in link to a trusted party such, as a foreman, who has a smartphone that can sign in the visitor. The link is uniquely encoded for the visitor. The site manager relies on the foreman to authenticate the visitor and use the link to have the visitor sign in.

With the second method, the site managers personally authenticate the visitors and have the visitors sign in using their Zurel Pro app.

Finally, you can give their team leads access to their Foreman’s Portal and have them sign in the visitors.

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