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Visitors Safety
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Foreman's Portal

Enable the Foreman’s Portal for the leaders, perhaps the foremen, of your job site visitors. Have the foremen sign them in. It is easier for you and easier for them.

There is a good chance that a group of visitors at your job site are from the same organization. If you are a general contractor, you likely have several visitors from the same sub-contractors. Having each of them sign in by scanning the site QR code posted at your job site can be a hassle for you and for them. Some of the crew members may be newcomers and not familiar with the process. Others may not have a smartphone to sign in. There may not be enough space for all of them to huddle around your sign-in poster all at once sign in.

With Zurel Site Visit Log, you can get overcome these challenges by giving the foremen access to the Forman’s Portal and having them manage the crew’s sign-in process at your job sites. All you need to do is designate the foreman as the crew lead for the organization. Once the crew leader signs in at a job site, he or she will be able to access the portal to sign in other members of the organization at the job site. For new visitors that are not registered, the crew lead can also register them. All of this right from their smartphones without having to download the Zurel app.

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