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Monitoring Dashboards for Site Visitor Log

Monitor all of your site visitor logs in one place. It’s all you need to be on the know about your site visit logs.

Everything You Need to Monitor Your Site Visitor Log.

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Get the big picture of your site’s sign-in activities in real-time. Then, drill down to know more.

Monitor your site visitor logs in real-time in one place using an intuitive dashboard.

View the list of all the visitors, their organization, the job site they signed in to, and more. Filter the dashboard to show the list of visitors at a job site or the organization they represent.

Explore the lists for recent days, weeks, months, or any other custom period. Then, export the list as a CSV or a PDF file.

Dig deeper with the dashboards for the visitors, the organizations, and the job sites.

Explore the visitor log for each job site, organization, or site visitor.

Use the visitor dashboard to list the entire sign-in history of each visitor, along with the additional information about the visitor. Monitor the site dashboard to explore each site’s visitor history. Then, explore more with the organization dashboard to view the sign-in activities of visitors from each organization.

Share with others by exporting data from each as a CSV or a PDF file.

Showcase Template.png
Showcase Template.png
Use the screening dashboard to monitor the answers and export PDF copies of the signed questionnaire.

If you have enabled the self-screening or in-person screening, use the screening dashboard to monitor the screening.

View the list of visitors, their organizations, and the selected attributes of their answers to your sign-in questionnaire. Get alerted by the answers that need your attention. If screened in person, view the screening comments. When you need to share with others, export the signed questionnaire as PDF files.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Easy Sign-in Methods

Make the sign-in process simple and easy for everyone. Let your visitors sign in at each job site by simply scanning the site QR code with their smartphones. Better yet, e-mail or text them a sign-in link that they can use to sign in without having to scan the QR code. Or, if more convenient, have them use the site kiosk to sign in.

App for Site Managers

Manage and monitor all your site visitor logs on your Zurel app. See the big picture using the mobile dashboard. Get detailed information on each site or each visitor. Perform in-person screening if needed. Register or sign in your visitors. Get notified of alerts.

Review & Screening

Ask your visitors to answer sign-in questionnaires or have site personnel perform in-person screening. Have your site visitor review your safety training material when they sign in. Get notified or automatically disallow sign-in when certain conditions are met.

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