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Site Visitor Kiosks for Your Job Sites

Set up a tablet or a smartphone with the Zurel app installed on it as a site kiosk. Have visitors sign in using one of the many ways site kiosks provide.

Site Kiosk: The Visitor's Hub For Your Job Site.

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Set up a simple smartphone or a tablet as a site kiosk at each job site.

Set up a simple smartphone or a tablet as a site kiosk at each job site. You can turn any tablet or smartphone with data connectivity and a Zurel app into a site kiosk. You can even quickly turn your Zurel app into a temporary site kiosk.

A site kiosk provides multiple methods for visitors to sign in. It also provides live help documents and, when available, live support for the visitors if they need it.

Have your visitors use a site kiosk to sign in with their smartphones.

Set up the site kiosk to display the site QR code. Then, have your visitors sign in by simply using their smartphones to scan the QR code.

If they can’t scan the QR code, they can use the kiosk to send the site link to their mobile phones or e-mail addresses. This method also comes very handy for large entourages that do not want to gather around the kiosk to scan the QR code.

Showcase Template.png
Showcase Template.png
For those who can’t or don’t want to use their smartphones to sign in, have them sign in manually.

Not everyone can or want to use a smartphone to sign in. Some may not be able to scan the site QR code, while others may not have data coverage at the job site to sign in. Some simply don’t want to use their phones.

For those visitors, have them sign in by manually entering their information on the site kiosk. Use one of the methods provided to identify or authenticate the identity of the visitor.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Easy Sign-in Methods

Make the sign-in process simple and easy for everyone. Let your visitors sign in at each job site by simply scanning the site QR code with their smartphones. Better yet, e-mail or text them a sign-in link that they can use to sign in without having to scan the QR code. Or, if more convenient, have them use the site kiosk to sign in.

App for Site Managers

Manage and monitor all your site visitor logs on your Zurel app. See the big picture using the mobile dashboard. Get detailed information on each site or each visitor. Perform in-person screening if needed. Register or sign in your visitors. Get notified of alerts.

Review & Screening

Ask your visitors to answer sign-in questionnaires or have site personnel perform in-person screening. Have your site visitor review your safety training material when they sign in. Get notified or automatically disallow sign-in when certain conditions are met.

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