Mobile App for Safety Inspections

Perform jobsite safety inspection using the Zurel app. Take pictures, write notes, collect signatures, and share reports.

Safety Inspection App for Everyone in your Organization.

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Perform safety inspection using the simple and easy-to-use app.

Perform inspection using the adoptive interface that lets you focus on the inspection. Easily navigate through the inspection items. For each inspection item, select one of the possible outcomes, take photos and add notes.

When you need to have someone sign your inspection report, have them sign using your smartphone or tablet. Better yet, have them sign using their own smartphone. Just open the report’s QR code on your app and have them scan it. Or, send them the report link to open on their smartphone.

The safety inspection app for novices and experts alike.

Adapt the app based on your experience with it. Get the full detail when you need them and not when you don't.

Switch it between an expert mode and a novice mode. While a novice, see the instruction and detail of each inspection item. Once familiar with the app, your inspection items, and process, switch to an expert mode to keep all the clutter away and let you do the reporting swiftly. If you need help, you can switch back and forth with a single tap.

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Showcase Template.png
Monitor inspection activities and access past reports while on the go.

Stay on top of your safety inspection activities with the mobile inspection dashboard.

Personalize the dashboard to let you focus on reports with certain attributes. Receive alert notifications about reports that need your attention. Keep track of all inspection activities you are overseeing. Search, find and review past inspection reports. Share inspection reports with others when you need to.

Popular Features in Safety Inspections

Work with Subs

Work closely with your subs on safety. Easily share relevant inspection reports with your subs. Let them access your current and past reports on their portal. Use vendor dashboard to monitor performance and access past safety records of each sub.

Mobile App

Perform jobsite safety inspection using the Zurel app. Take pictures, write notes, and collect signatures. Switch between the expert mode and the novice mode. Use the mobile dashboard to access and review past reports while on the go.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor your inspection and audit activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of weekly or all historical inspections. Search for reports using various attributes. Export PDF copies of signed inspection reports.

Why Zurel?

Safety-focused mission

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