Monitoring Dashboards for Safety Inspections

Monitor all your safety inspection activities and manage safey reports in one place. Access past reports and monitor trends.

Everything You Need to Monitor & Manage Your Safety Inspections

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Get the big picture of all your safety inspections. Then, drill down to know more.

Monitor your safety inspections in real-time in one place using an intuitive dashboard.

Customize the dashboard to keep an eye on the important reports. Get a quick summary of each report. Don't miss the ones that need your immediate attention.

Know the jobs that have completed inspections and those that have not. Get a big picture, literally, of the inspection locations on a big map.

Review and manage inspection reports. Export PDF copies and share with others.

Form the dashboard, review each report by accessing the online version of it. Then, easily identify inspection items in them that need your attention.

Review photos and comments added by the site inspectors. Add your own comments. If you are using the point method, adjust the point of inspection items that need to be adjusted. Make corrections if you need to. Export and share the reports in PDF.

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Showcase Template.png
Access past reports and monitor trends using dashboards for each job or each sub.

Inspecting for safety is essential. So is monitoring safety trends and accessing the past inspection reports.

Use your job safety dashboards to monitor the safety trend at each job. If you are associating your reports with subs, use your vendor dashboard to monitor the safety trend for each sub. Access all the past reports in their respective dashboards. Export their PDF copies in bulk for sharing.

Popular Features in Safety Inspections

Work with Subs

Work closely with your subs on safety. Easily share relevant inspection reports with your subs. Let them access your current and past reports on their portal. Use vendor dashboard to monitor performance and access past safety records of each sub.

Mobile App

Perform jobsite safety inspection using the Zurel app. Take pictures, write notes, and collect signatures. Switch between the expert mode and the novice mode. Use the mobile dashboard to access and review past reports while on the go.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor your inspection and audit activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of weekly or all historical inspections. Search for reports using various attributes. Export PDF copies of signed inspection reports.

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