Work Closely with your Subs on Safety.

Associate relevant inspection issues with your subs. Easily share inspection reports with them. Track subs' historic performance and find records.

Work Closely with Your Subs to Improve Safety.

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Associate your inspection reports with your subs.

Set up your safety inspection report so that you can associate inspection items with subcontractors.

If an inspection item in an inspection report needs a sub's attention or action, assign it to your sub. Have your safety inspector make the assignment as they perform safety inspection using the Zurel app. Or, make the association yourself after you have reviewed the report. Include the sub' information on the PDF version of the report.

Make inspection reports easily available to your subs.

Easily share your safety inspections reports with your vendors.

Send them PDF copies for the report from within the app, or send them a link to the PDF copies to view or download. Give them access to the vendor portal to access all the past safety inspection reports you have sent them.

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Track sub safety performance using your vendor dashboard.

Use your sub dashboard for everything that is sub-related. Access all the past reports in their respective dashboards. Track performance metrics based on historical records. Export their PDF copies in bulk for sharing with others.

Popular Features in Safety Inspections

Work with Subs

Work closely with your subs on safety. Easily share relevant inspection reports with your subs. Let them access your current and past reports on their portal. Use vendor dashboard to monitor performance and access past safety records of each sub.

Mobile App

Perform jobsite safety inspection using the Zurel app. Take pictures, write notes, and collect signatures. Switch between the expert mode and the novice mode. Use the mobile dashboard to access and review past reports while on the go.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor your inspection and audit activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of weekly or all historical inspections. Search for reports using various attributes. Export PDF copies of signed inspection reports.

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