Safety Inspector

A safety inspection app to help you keep your jobsites safe.

Popular Features

Highly Customizable

Create your custom master inspection list. Tailor it for each job and adopt it as the job moves through different stages. Customize selectable outcomes for inspection items, alert conditions, and scoring methods.

Inspection Scores

Use the points and score method to track and compare performance. Monitor performance of inspection items, jobsites, inspectors, or trade partners. Create your own richer performance metrics using our analytics dashboard.

Mobile App

Send, receive, and manage corrective action requests with your phone or tablet. Use the mobile dashboard to keep track of all inspection activities you are overseeing and easily search for past reports.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor all of your inspection activities on your dashboard and zero in on specific reports for more detail. Send and review corrective actions for each inspection report. Store all past reports to review at any time.

Corrective Actions

Create corrective action requests from within your inspection reports. Share and collaborate with your trade partners on corrective actions. Monitor and manage the corrective actions on a dashboard.

Inspection Analytics

Perform deep analysis of your inspection data using an industry-leading analytics platform integrated with our solution. Blend your inspection data with other safety data. Create reports that meet your specific needs.

Safety Analytics

Perform deep analysis of your audits and inspection data by using our highly customizable analytics platform. 

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