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Heat is on everyone’s minds
Heat is on everyone’s minds




August 18, 2023

As summer continues with relentless heat, concerns over the risks of working in high temperatures are escalating. OSHA's efforts to establish a heat stress standard and enhance enforcement are gaining prominence as global temperatures reach unprecedented levels. July was declared the hottest month in recorded history by the U.N., emphasizing the need to adapt to extreme heat that surpasses human experience. OSHA issued a heat hazard alert, intensifying inspections in high-risk sectors such as construction and agriculture. President Biden's recent actions also focus on safeguarding workers from extreme heat. Workplace heat exposure has proven deadly, with 436 fatalities reported since 2011 and thousands suffering from heat-related illnesses, particularly impacting people of color. OSHA initiated rulemaking for a heat-specific workplace standard in 2021.

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