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Miami Crane Collapse Kills One, Injures Four
Miami Crane Collapse Kills One, Injures Four




August 30, 2023

On August 26, 2023, a construction accident occurred at HCA Florida Mercy Hospital in Miami when a 200-ft crane's boom snapped, causing heavy equipment to fall on workers. Tragically, Mario Bladimir Andino Renteria, aged 32, lost his life, and four other workers sustained injuries of varying severity. The crane involved was a large all-terrain crane, and it failed at its highest point while its boom was nearly fully extended. Emergency responders arrived at the scene, but Andino did not survive his injuries. The workers were engaged in renovating the hospital as part of an ongoing project. Authorities, including OSHA, are investigating the incident to determine the exact cause. A funeral for Andino is planned for September 2, 2023, and his family expressed deep grief and shock over the tragedy.

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