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Serious Workplace Injuries Jump 7.5% From 2021
Serious Workplace Injuries Jump 7.5% From 2021


For Construction Pros


November 10, 2023

  • The National COSH highlights an increase in serious workplace injuries and illnesses in 2022 based on BLS data, noting the pressing need for comprehensive safety reforms.

  • The report identifies industries with the highest injury rates over 2020-2022, emphasizing the importance of worker-centered safety solutions to prevent such occurrences.

  •  Shortcomings in data collection and underreporting by employers affect the real magnitude of workplace injuries and illnesses, raising concerns about the need for effective injury prevention.

  • Addressing the failing workers' compensation system, National COSH advocates for proactive measures, prioritizing hazard elimination through system-wide changes over individual-focused approaches, alongside the importance of health and safety committees to document, address, and resolve workplace hazards.

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