Toolbox Talks Scheduler

Schedule your toolbox talks months in advance. Talk topics and their documents become automatically available on their scheduled days.

Simplify Toolbox Talk Scheduling Today

Start panning your toolbox talks with less hassle.

Toolbox Talk Planning Made Simple

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Eliminate the hassle of coordinating toolbox talks.

Avoid all the hassle of scheduling toolbox talks.

Schedule your toolbox talk using our easy-to-use calendar. Schedule topics months in advance.

For topics that always need to be available, mark them so that topics and their documents are always available to your team members.

Give each project more flexibility in its own schedule.

Not all projects are the same and not all projects are in the stage.

In addition a global toolbox talk schedule all the project, create a custom schedule for each project based on their unique needs or their phases.

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Showcase Template.png
Not on schedule? No problem! Host an ad-hoc meeting.

Sometimes, you want to have a toolbox talk even though it is not on a schedule.

No problem.

Not all toolbox talks need to be scheduled. If you want one of your team members to do a toolbox talk that is not on schedule, just send him or her the topic.

Popular Features in Toolbox Talks

Toolbox Talks Planner

Plan your toolbox talk topics months ahead using our scheduler. Topics automatically appear on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule. If you need, create a separate schedule for each job. Of course, you can always hold your toolbox talks on an ad hoc basis.

App for Safety Meetings

Have someone in your team host a safety toolbox talk for a group of participants. The host may use our app to review the talk material with the participants and gather their signatures. Better yet, the participants may review and sign the topics on their smartphones.

Monitoring Dashboard

Monitor your toolbox talk activities using an intuitive dashboard. Keep track of toolbox talk activities at each job site. Find the toolbox talk participation records of employees or guests. Export PDF copies of their signed toolbox talk documents.

All the Toolbox Talks Features you are Going to Love

Meeting Attachments

Attach documents to your toolbox talk meetings during or after the meeting.

Spanish Content

Create your toolbox talk topics material in Spanish in addition to English. Your toolbox talk participants will be able to select the language of their preference when reviewing and signing the toolbox talk document.

Perennial Toolbox Topics

Some toolbox topics are special and always need to be available to your crew. You can designate any topic to be a perennial topic so that is it always at their fingertips without having to put it on your toolbox talk schedule.

Employees Participation

Let your employees participate in a toolbox talk meeting or review its document on their own using the Zurel app. Using the app makes it easier for them to participate and for you to find all their toolbox talk participation history

User Roles

Create different roles for different users in your organization. Decides who gets to create content, manages toolbox talks and monitors the dashboard, and gets to host toolbox meetings. You can even have a site manager for each job site.

Search & Find

Use search and filter to find the past records of toolbox talk meetings. For each participant, find all the toolbox topics the individual has ever participated in. For each toolbox topic, find it participation records.

Video Toolbox Talk

It is claimed that 65% of us learn better using visual methods compared to only 5% who learn better using textual methods. If so, shouldn’t we be using videos for our safety training?

Review when Signing In

Want to make sure that everyone that visits a jobsite has revied your safety training material? Set up the site visitor log to have them review toolbox talk topics on their own when they sign in at a job site.

Toolbox Talks Planner

Plan your toolbox talk meetings weeks and months in advance using our easy-to-use calendar. Topics on the calendar automatically appear on your team's mobile app on the days of their schedule.

Solo Toolbox Topic Review

Not all safety training needs to be or can be hosted as a meeting. With Zurel, you can send safety training material to individuals to review and sign on their own using their smartphones.

Meeting QR Code

Let your toolbox talk meeting attendees open the meeting page on their smartphones by scanning the meeting QR code. On the page, they can view the meeting document, enter or verify their names and, if required, sign the document.

Custom Content

Create custom content for your toolbox talk topics. Use our text editor for textual content. Upload attachments. Create as many different topics as you want. Exercise full control over how each topic gets used.