Site Visitor Log

An easy-to-use site visitors log for you your job site so that you can implement custom sign-in processes and keep a record of all your site visit activities.

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Popular Features

App for Site Managers

Manage and monitor all your site visitor logs on your Zurel app. See the big picture using the mobile dashboard. Get detailed information on each site or each visitor. Perform in-person screening if needed. Register or sign in your visitors. Get notified of alerts.

Review & Screening

Ask your visitors to answer sign-in questionnaires or have site personnel perform in-person screening. Have your site visitor review your safety training material when they sign in. Get notified or automatically disallow sign-in when certain conditions are met.

Easy Sign-in Methods

Make the sign-in process simple and easy for everyone. Let your visitors sign in at each job site by simply scanning the site QR code with their smartphones. Better yet, e-mail or text them a sign-in link that they can use to sign in without having to scan the QR code. Or, if more convenient, have them use the site kiosk to sign in.

Site Kiosk

Set up a tablet or a smartphone with the Zurel app installed on it as a site kiosk. Have visitors sign in using one of the many ways site kiosks provide. Let visitors get help signing in when they need to. When needed, turn your Zurel app temporarily into a site kiosk.

Monitoring Dashboards

Monitor your site visitor log activities in real-time using intuitive dashboards. Keep track of sign-in activities at each job site. Find and export visitors', organizations', or sites' entire sign-in history in PDF or CSV formats.

Visitor's Badge

After signing in, each visitor's smartphone displays a visitor's badge. Use it in more ways than you would use a traditional badge: as the confirmation of sign-in at the job site, to convey instructions to the visitor, and to let visitors sign out from the site.

For Everyone Involved

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Safety Managers

A web-based app for desktops with tools for safety managers to manage and monitor their site visitor log.


Site Managers

Mobile apps on iOS and Android devices for site managers to screen or manage visitors at their job sites.

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Site visitors

A web-based app with a minimalistic interface for visitors to sign in using their smartphones without downloading a Zurel app. 

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"At Matt Construction, we decided to use ZurelSoft's solution because of its ease of use and its flexibility to adapt it to our diverse job site requirements. We have been quite happy with it."

Jim Klenha, Director of IT, Matt Construction

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