Visitors Log for Jobsite & Crew Safety

Site Visitors Log with COVID-19 Questionnaire, Screening, and Contact Tracing

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Site Visitors Log

An easy to use site visitors log for you your job site so that you can keep track of all your site visitors and implement additional processes such as COVID-19 screening.  

COVID-19 Screening

All-digital COVID-19 self-screening questionnaire for your employees or your site visitors. Use the simple questionnaire as provided or customized to meet your unique needs or changing circumstances. 

Site Visitors Log



Use visitors sign-in process that is very easy but versatile. At each job site, let your visitors sign in by simply scanning a QR code with their smartphones. You may send them a sign-in link which they or their crew members can use to sign in before they arrive at your job sites. Or set up the Zurel Pro app on a tablet as a kiosk at your job site for visitors to sign in.


Perform visitors screening at your job sites if your process requires it. You may ask your visitors to self-screen when they sign in, by having them fill out digital forms such as a COVID-19 questionnaire. Optionally, you may have your site personnel screen visitors at each job site before admitting.


Equip your staff in the field with the Zurel Pro app to help them manage visitors at the job sites. Zurel Pro users can register new visitors or sign in those that are already registered. The user can also view the list of visitors and their information, perform additional screening, and approve or deny admission.


Have your visitors use their smartphones as their virtual badges. Each badge displays information such as the visitor's name, organization, the site name, and the current status. The badge may be used to ensure that the visitor has signed-in and admitted to the job site


Monitor and manage your visitors' log on your desktop computer using our intuitive dashboard. Using its search and filter tool, find any visitor among the hundreds or thousands of visitors. View each visitor's entire sign-in history.  Find out who from what organization visited which one of you job sites in any time period.

COVID-19 Screening



Avoid the hassle and risk of paper forms by using all-digital questionnaire for COVID-19 self-screening. Allow your employees and visitors to fill out the forms using their smartphones. If necessary, set up our app on a tablet as a kiosk at your site for visitors to fill out the forms.


Use our standard questionnaire if it meets your need. If necessary, use your own set of custom questionnaires. You can even have a custom questionnaire for each of your job sites and update them as your needs change.


Monitor and review all the submitted questionnaires by using our simple and intuitive dashboard on a desktop computer. Find and print any form among the hundreds or thousands of submitted forms by using the dashboard's search and filter tool.


Receive an e-mail or a push notification each time a questionnaire submitted needs your attention. On the dashboard, always get alerted to or search for the submissions that require attention.


Restrict access to the form's sensitive data by making the dashboard accessible to only a few selected users. Keep records of access to the data with a log of dashboard activities.  

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"At Matt Construction, we decided to use ZurelSoft's solution because of its ease of use and its flexibility to adapt it to our diverse job site requirements. We have been quite happy with it."

Jim Klenha, Director of IT, Matt Construction