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Welcome to Spotlight, your exclusive destination for uncovering the latest, most popular, or hidden features of our exceptional product. We believe that every customer deserves to experience the full potential of our offering, and that's why we've created this unique platform to put the spotlight on features that you are going to love.

Keep & Share your JHA/THA Records with Ease
Keep thorough records of your analysis. Easily retrieve and export them as PDFs for archiving or sharing.

Maintaining comprehensive safety and hazard analysis records is vital for a robust safety program. Explore how Zurel's Hazard Analysis simplifies the processes of organizing, archiving, retrieving, and sharing these records, enhancing manageability for organizations.

Equipment Inspections
Simplify and optimize equipment identification, inspection, and maintenance with the Zurel Safety Inspector.

Equipment inspections, integral to your safety program, can be challenging. Discover how Zurel simplifies this process with intuitive digital tools, ensuring seamless access to forms, information, and manuals. This facilitates efficient inspections, even as equipment transitions between jobs.

Review JHA/THA with Crew
Effortlessly access and review your JHA/THA with your crew members.

Writing job/task hazard analysis reports and conducting effective reviews with crew members are crucial for jobsite safety. Discover how zurel simplifies this process by keeping reports accessible on devices, allowing crew members to access them on smartphones for as long as needed.

Share Safety Observations
Inspire your crew to learn from safety observations, and to make and report their own.

Don’t let the learning benefits of observation for your entire organization go to waste. Promote learning by facilitating the seamless sharing of safety observations across your organization.

Site Inspection Corrective Actions
Initiate, manage, and record corrective action processes for your jobsite inspections, all seamlessly from the palm of your hand.

During jobsite inspections, you're likely to encounter various issues that need addressing. How do you ensure that every safety issue identified during a jobsite safety inspection leads to timely corrective action and that the actions are documented? Explore how Zurel’s Corrective Actions feature makes managing corrective actions a seamless and efficient process.

Reusable QR Codes
Don’t print a new QR code for each toolbox meeting. Use the same QR code again and again for your recurring meetings.

If you do your toolbox meetings regularly, don't print the meeting QR codes each time. You can now use the same QR codes again and again. Just set up a few reusable QR codes on Zurel. Make several copies of each. If you want, you may even laminate them. During each toolbox meeting, link your meeting with a reusable QR code. Have your attendees scan the QR code to sign in.

Toolbox Talk’s Document Hub
Don't let the learning end when your Toolbox Talk meeting ends.

Make all your digital training materials available on your Toolbox Talk’s Document Hub. Empower your trainees by giving them online access to the resources from your Toolbox Talk for as long as they need them.

Uploading & Sharing
Upload PDF files or photos to your toolbox meeting portal during your meeting. Share them with your meeting attendees.

The uploaded documents become available on your Trainer's Portal. If shared, your toolbox meeting attendees are able to view the documents on their Attendee's Portals. The documents become part of your meeting records in PDF.

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