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Complying with Cal/OSHA & AB-685 Notification Requirements for COVID-19


On Demand


30 mins

With Cal/OSHA's and AB-685's new regulations, contact tracing for COVID-19 has become a legal imperative for California businesses. Businesses, including contractors, are required to identify employees and visitors that may have been exposed to COVID-19 at their job sites and notify them promptly in case of potential exposure. The new regulations create new challenges for contractors. But the right technology and processes in place, businesses can overcome these challenges without breaking their bank.  

Join us to learn about the COVID-19 notification requirements of Cal/OSHA and AB-685 at the workplace and discover how contractors may overcome the new challenges. 

What will you learn during this webinar?

  • What are the notification requirements of CalOSHA and AB-685.

  • How to use app-based solutions for keeping records of job site visitors.

  • How to use messaging services for en masse notifications.

  • Our customers' stories on how they are overcoming these new challenges.

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