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Introduction to Psychological Safety for Construction Safety


Wednesday, Oct 20, 2021


45 mins plus Q&A

Psychological safety has received much attention lately among organizational leaders because of its effectiveness in improving organizations’ performance, including safety performance. Researchers found that psychological safety played a crucial role in high-profile incidents such as the shuttle Challenger accident. More importantly, in the context of everyday workplace safety, it has been found to play influential roles in improving hospital safety and reducing safety incidents. Can it play a similar role in the construction industry? Join us to talk about psychological safety and explore how it can impact construction safety.

In this live webinar, we will introduce the concept of psychological safety. We will share examples of cases where psychological safety played influential roles, especially in hospital settings. We will discuss psychological safety in the context of the unique dynamics of the construction workplace and how it can influence construction safety. We will wrap up this live webinar with Q&A.

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